Christin YEUNG Wan-chi

Christin graduated from the Baptist University of Hong Kong and the Education University of Hong Kong and obtained a Master Degree of Arts in Music (Major in Classroom Teaching) and Bachelor Degree of Music in Education (First Honours) respectively.

Her interest in music began at early age. She studied piano with Mr Norman Lee, Mr Tino Maxwell and Ms Janet Lee and she obtained the certificate of Licentiate of Trinity College London (LTCL) Recital (Piano) with Distinction. Christin has a passion for teaching music especially for young children, therefore she held some small group teaching in piano and theory courses in her own studio. Christin is currently a piano tutor and also the research assistant for the Department of Music in Baptist University of Hong Kong. Furthermore, she is currently the music teacher (Age group in 4-6 and 7-9) for summer course of Music Office, Leisure and Cultural Services Department, HK Government.