Aesthetics in Films and Performing Arts (Online Course)

Status: Cancelled

Aubrey KWOK Tsz-wan
Aubrey KWOK Tsz-wan
16 or above
$ 2,950.00

There has been over a hundred years of history in film making. Visual arts has an ever longer history. How can they be compared? The course will start from the perspective of visual arts, discuss different types of visual arts forms (painting, photography, sculpture, installation, stage, design, etc.), how to sort out layers of concepts, solve segments of myths, and transform and present them at the aesthetic level in movies.

The course will also allow students to understand more about performing arts, and the relationship between being an actor and aesthetics, so as to present the true colour of the characters. To start from understanding simple production, shooting, then to produce a micro film on his own.

Course Features

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    08 Oct 2022 - 17 Dec 2022
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    22 Oct 2022
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    18:45 pm - 21:15 pm
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