Drama Combo Camp I (Age 8-12) (Conducted in English)

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Celene Chang
$ 3,400.00

Shakespeare is widely regarded as one of the best writers of all time in the English Language.
The works of Shakespeare are often required reading in secondary schools. Come and discover
the fun of Shakespeare and be better prepared for it in English class.
In this course, students will be introduced to the stories of Shakespeare and to bring
Shakespeare’s stories to life through rehearsed reading. Through adding vocal and physical
techniques to reading the stories out loud, students can improve their understanding of the text,
as well as becoming more expressive and confident.
Students will learn to:
• communicate changes in mood
• speak audibly and clearly with good diction
• demonstrate vocal contrast, appropriate to the moods, narrative and dialogue
• use the face to reflect emotions
This is a great course to learn the skills to succeed in the prose reading competitions in the
Hong Kong Speech Festival. Parents are invited to the last day of class for a showing of the
students’ work.
“Speak what we feel, not what we ought to say.” – William Shakespeare (King Lear, Act 5, Scene 3)

Shakespeare is a master in language and using words and his plays are like poetry. Come and
immerse in beautiful language and develop a love of words.
In this course, students will engage with Shakespeare’s text in the English of that time, learn the
meaning of the text and then demonstrate their understanding of their words through
performing short extracts of the plays.
Students will learn to:
• Demonstrate understanding of Shakespearean English
• Respond to the form and rhythm of the speech
• Vary volume, pace and pause to increase dramatic effect
• Perform with body language and facial expression
Parents are invited to the last day of class for a showing of the students’ work.
“Words without thoughts never to heaven go.” – William Shakespeare (Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 3)

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Course Features

  • Date
    12 Jul 2021 - 16 Jul 2021
  • No Class Date
  • Day
  • Time
    09:30 am - 12:45 pm
  • Language
  • Sessions
  • Showcase
    16 Jul 2021
  • Location
    HKAPA, Wanchai