Fundamentals of Playwriting Certificate Course

Status: Started

CHEUNG Kwok Wai (Matthew)
16 or above
$ 1,950.00
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Playwriting is the first creative process for the theatre. This is a very challenging and satisfying process, involving the selection of themes and characters and the exploration of endless possibilities. Unlike other genres of literary works, dramatic writing has unique language and stylistic characteristics. A good script is instilled with the playwright’s views towards life, and requires from the playwright a mastery of language usage and a good knowledge of theatre arts.
This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of playwriting, while stressing the relationship between written text and live performance. The instructor, a renowned playwright, will share with participants his playwriting experience to help students avoid making common mistakes. Participants will also select a topic of their own choice and experience the process of writing a producible script. Through engaging in writing exercises, participants will explore ways to create the theme, plot, characters, scenes, dialogue and the control of atmosphere and pace. At the end of the course, excerpts of outstanding plays will be introduced to participants to enhance their understanding of the aesthetic principles guiding the making of dramatic literature. There will be a maximum of 16 participants in the class, providing a forum for presenting participants’
writing, with in-depth feedback and discussion between the instructor and fellow
Participants who have attended at least 75% of the course will be awarded a
Certificate of Completion.

Applicant must read EXCEL’s enrolment terms and conditions on http://excel.hkapa.edu/enrolment-terms-and-conditions

Course Features

  • Date
    27 Jul 2020 - 14 Sep 2020
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    19:30 pm - 21:30 pm
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  • Location
    HKAPA, Wanchai