Inter-Process Communication in Acting (Online Course)

Status: Cancelled

Aubrey KWOK Tsz-wan
Aubrey KWOK Tsz-wan
16 or above
$ 2,550.00

From the psychological and physical (body) point of view, explore the character’s mental process journey; by using rational analysis to liberate the self-monitoring charm, to stimulate the inner voice, and finally present it from the outside to the inside and then from the inside to the outside.

Participants learn the concepts of “Self” and interpersonal relationship by analyzing the character traits and the dialogue between the characters in the play,  so as to decode the hidden meaning. The participants will also use the five senses to feel and stimulate their inner emotions. In brief, this is a journey of exploration and performance that starts from the rationality to five senses.

It is suitable for those who have completed one or more drama courses offered by the Academy of Performing Arts, or those who have received the same level of drama training.

Course Features

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    08 Oct 2022 - 17 Dec 2022
  • No Class Date
    22 Oct 2022
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    16:00 pm - 18:30 pm
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