Film and Television

Introduction to Professional Film Production

Status: Cancelled

Lecturers of the School of Film and Television of the Academy
18 or above
$ 2,680.00

The course will be lecture-based, taught by qualified and renowned lecturers of the School of Film and Television of the Academy. Through various demonstrations and interactions, students will gradually build a solid foundation in film-making which is vital for further development within this field. It is designed for people who want to explore in greater depth the fundamentals of the six elements in film production, namely scriptwriting, production management, cinematography, sound, editing and directing. It is also suitable for anyone who is looking for professional training in film making.

Session 1: Directing (Alex LAI)
• The technique and tools for Director
• Balance of creation and production
• Demonstration: How to make use of scene, actor, camera and sound
• The director’s cooperation with different departments in the production

Session 2: Screenwriting (LOONG Man Hong)
• The training method of script writing and screenplay
• The writing process from brain storming to story structure to screenplay
• Short script reading

Session 3: Production Admin (Fion FU)
• How to implement the needs of the Director and Playwright in the Film production
• How to organize the Film Production team
• Controlling budget, forming production crew and monitoring the production process
• Case analysis

Session 4: Editing (Angelina KWAN)
• Basic editing concepts and techniques: Classical Cutting, Cutting to Continuity, Montage
• Editing demonstration
• The quality and condition of film editor

Session 5: Sound (Dominic Yip)
• Sound recording demonstration
• How to improve the technique of sound recording
• Sound elements in film
• How to make use of sound design to enrich and craft sound

Session 6: Cinematography (Eric LAU)
• The quality difference between film production and video tape production
• Different technical requirement for different equipments
• Lighting demonstration
• How to put the words into image

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Course Features

  • Date
    11 Jul 2020 - 25 Jul 2020
  • No Class Date
  • Day
  • Time
    10:30 am - 18:00 pm
  • Language
  • Sessions
  • Showcase
  • Location
    HKAPA, Wanchai