MusicUmbrella Christmas Camp (Age 4-6)

Status: Recruiting

Christin YEUNG Wan-chi
Christin YEUNG Wan-chi
$ 1,180.00

“MusicUmbrella” is a three-session, sweet-and-short course that gives young children a fun-filled opportunity to experience music and explore through the experience if they are interested in instruments and musical creativity. Children with no previous music experience are welcome to join and find out if you are a music lover or not.

When children have established their enthusiasm, they can join any other courses within the Music Programme for Children.

In this camp, children will be exposed to high quality music instruction in both contemporary and classical traditions in an enjoyable manner. Our professionally trained tutors will encourage children to achieve musical independence, to explore their creative potential, and to develop a sense of accomplishment that will build up their musical confidence.

The camp includes:

BODY-MIND-VOICE LAB: Guides children who love to sing, dance, move, and play instruments through rhythm, music and movement to foster coordination, balance and self-confidence. Children will be emerged with folk, classical, popular, and children repertoire through ear training, vocal harmonies, rhythm, choreography, improvisation, and musical games.

INSTRUMENTAL LAB: Guides children who have dreamed about learning an instrument to get a head start! Children will learn an exciting array of musical instruments in a supportive and collaborative environment. Playing techniques for handbells, African drums, piano, pitched and unpitched percussions will be introduced.

CREATIVE LAB: Guides children to create music using a diverse array of media! Children will experience a variety of imaginative themes in a nurturing environment. They will transform their artistic and musical ideas into multimedia self-expression, spanning from language art to visual and acoustic mediums. Let’s experience the magic of MusicUmbrella together.

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Course Features

  • Date
    19 Dec 2019 - 21 Dec 2019
  • No Class Date
  • Day
    Thu - Sat
  • Time
    10:30 am - 12:30 pm
  • Language
  • Sessions
  • Showcase
  • Location
    HKAPA, Wanchai