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Paper Cutting Design Workshop

Status: Cancelled

LI Yun-xia
LI Yun-xia
16 or above
$ 1,850.00

A traditional folk-art in China, paper cuttings have special significance at festivals and important ceremonies. They are chiefly used for religious purposes or decoration, with animals, flowers and patterns representing happiness and prosperity as the common designs. Especially popular in the countryside, the bright red or multi-coloured paper cuts provide a strong foil to set off a merry atmosphere.
Learning the art of paper cutting requires not only a pair of nimble hands, but also patience and concentration in order to cut out the delicate designs from small pieces of paper. In the course, participants will learn the basic techniques of cutting various classical patterns and figures. They will be also encouraged to work out their imaginations and create their own paper cut designs through the chattering of a pair of scissors.
This course will introduce the developmental history, style and works of paper cutting, and the pictorial explanation of various patterns. Students will also learn fundamental paper cutting techniques. Most paper cutting patterns are designed according to the four seasonal changes and their related images. Festival imageries may also be included in the design. A pair of special scissors will be provided in the first lesson, which MUST be returned to EXCEL upon completion of the course. HK$100 will be collected as deposit fee in the first lesson. Failure to return the scissors will be subject to a penalty of HK$100.
* Paper cutting patterns may vary depending on the progress of the class.
Applicant must read EXCEL’s enrolment terms and conditions on

Applicant must read EXCEL’s enrolment terms and conditions on

Course Features

  • Date
    10 Apr 2021 - 19 Jun 2021
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    14:15 pm - 15:45 pm
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  • Location
    HKAPA, Wanchai