Stage Lighting Design & Sound Technology and Operation Programme


This course will cover the history of lighting, and will go through theories of lighting. Under the guidance of the very experienced instructor, participants will have the opportunity to work with professional stage performance lighting equipment. Detailed course notes will be distributed.

This course also offers training in both theory and practice aspects, and aims to equip participants with concepts and operation techniques for basic sound systems. Participants will learn different components of a sound system, such as the mixing console, equalizer, effect processor, and others. Participants will also be introduced to the production progress of performance, and how to bring about the best sound effect. Participants will take part in class exercises, which gives them the opportunity to apply theories and techniques leaned in a practical setting.

There will be a combined practical class for students at the last lesson.

Participants who have attended at least 75% of the course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Applicant must read EXCEL’s enrolment terms and conditions on


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