Drama-Based Executive

Theatre-based Public Speaking Certificate Course (Conducted In Cantonese)

Status: Cancelled

CHANG Celene
CHANG Celene
16 or above
$ 2,780.00

The ability to speak and communicate well is an undeniable advantage in today’s competitive environment. If you want to be heard effectively, this class is for you. Using an adapted theatre rehearsal process as the learning methodology, we will dig deep into the various techniques that will help you become an effective communicator.
Over the course of this programme, you will learn about the purpose and power of speaking. The instructor will guide you in various workshops and exercises, so you may understand your fears and learn to build self-confidence. The course will touch on a number of practical areas, including the art of self-awareness, body language and voice work. Through engaging your emotions, you will learn to connect with your audience and deliver a powerful speech. This is an experiential course where you will have ample opportunity to apply the techniques to your own speech. At the end of the course, you will walk away with a rehearsed speech that you can deliver with increased confidence.
Participants who have attended at least 75% of the course will be awarded a Certificate of Completion.

Applicant must read EXCEL’s enrolment terms and conditions on http://excel.hkapa.edu/enrolment-terms-and-conditions

Course Features

  • Date
    13 Jan 2021 - 24 Mar 2021
  • No Class Date
    10 Feb 2021; 17 Feb 2021; 24 Feb 2021
  • Day
  • Time
    19:30 pm - 22:00 pm
  • Language
  • Sessions
  • Showcase
  • Location
    HKAPA, Wanchai