Theory of Music (Grade 5) Weekly Class (Age 10 or above) (Online Course)

Status: Cancelled

Timothy LAW Wai-lun
Timothy LAW Wai-lun
10 or above
$ 2,640.00

Theory of Music (Grades 5) Course is a blended learning course that combines faceto-face classroom learning with a minimum level of basic e-learning features. The
e-learning platform does not only provide physical convenience to course participants, it also hosts relevant course materials for easy access.
The Course is designed according to the corresponding parts of the ABRSM curriculum.
They cover areas such as functional harmony, melody composition and music score analysis. Although examination skills will be taught, the course is suitable for everyone who is interested in learning the relevant level of music theory.

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Course Features

  • Date
    22 Sep 2022 - 08 Dec 2022
  • No Class Date
  • Day
  • Time
    19:00 pm - 21:00 pm
  • Language
    Eng, Chi
  • Sessions
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