COVID-19 Vaccination / Regular Testing Arrangement

In order to contribute to a healthy working and learning environment so as to resume our normal operation and living and to protect ourselves and our community against COVID-19, the Academy has implemented relevant vaccine pass measures following the government’s announcement. All people entering the Academy premises are required to follow the Academy’s prevailing access control measures (including registration and body temperature screening) as follows:

All EXCEL staff and students entering the campuses are required to (i) scan the LeaveHomeSafe (LHS) mobile application and scan the venue QR code, (ii) present the QR code of the COVID-19 vaccination record, or the medical exemption certification, to the QR Code Verification Scanner and (iii) undergo body temperature screening.  Exempted persons are required to complete a record form to register their names, their contact numbers and the date and time of their visits.

All persons entering the Academy campuses must have fulfilled the vaccination requirements in accordance with the Government’s latest announcement.

The individuals who are (i) ineligible for vaccination due to age or (ii) unfit for vaccination due to health reasons with the COVID-19 Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate, must provide a relevant proof from a medical practitioner and a negative COVID-19 test result for gaining entry to the campuses.  Each COVID-19 test result is only valid for 7 days counting from the date of test result.  The COVID-19 tests must be carried out using combined nasal and throat swabs (CNTS).  The test is taken at the own expense of the individual.

Any individual who is subject to compulsory testing is not allowed to enter the campuses until the completion of the whole course of testing with negative results. Staff and students concerned should provide all testing results to EXCEL for record and necessary actions.

Any individual who fails to comply with the vaccination requirements will be denied entry to the campuses.

Starting from 7 January 2022, parents of EXCEL students are not allowed to enter the campus until further notice.

For the latest information on the Vaccine Pass, please refer to the Government COVID-19 Thematic Website (