EXCEL Star Pass

Terms and Conditions:

1. As you go through the performing arts develop journey with us, we will endorse your EXCEL Star Pass© when you have completed a course. When you have completed 3 courses, you will have fulfilled the requirement for the EXCEL Star Silver Award. Likewise, after 6 completed courses you will receive the EXCEL Star Gold Award, and the EXCEL Star Platinum Award after 9 courses.

2. Students can redeem their 10th course for free within 1 year after receiving the EXCEL Star Platinum Award, and you must be aged 18 or below to redeem the free course.

3. Students must complete 9 courses within 3 years in order to enjoy the free course.

4. Only selected courses are available for redemption, please check with EXCEL for details.

5. Stamps are not transferrable and cannot be combined into one Star Pass.

6. One session day-camp is not eligible for stamp.

7. Courses completed before the application for EXCEL Star Pass© will not be restamped.

8. The EXCEL Star Pass© also contains pages for tutors’ comments and classmates’ autographs. You are welcome to seek tutors’ and classmates’ comments.

9. EXCEL reserves the right to a final decision in case of dispute.

For further enquiries, please email us at