Lan Fan graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with a Master’s Degree in System and Sport Dance Principal, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Ballroom Dance & Modern Dance. She is currently a professional teacher in International Standard Dance at the Beijing Dance Academy. Lan Fan is also a qualified International Ballroom Juror and actively judges in Dance Competition.

In her performance life, Lan Fan was awarded the Gold Medal of National Games of the People’s Republic of China for Ballroom Dance in 2009; second place in the 86th British Blackpool Dance Festival (Professional); first place in the 6th CCTV Dance Competition; first place for the 8th Dance World Cup – Asian Cup (Professional group); first place in Asia for the 8th US Open Professional Class; first place in the 15th HKIAABD Asian Professional Ballroom Dance Competition; and first place in the 21st Chinese National Dance Competition.