Pand LAM Ching

Lam Ching is a tran / multi-media producer who is known to cross match elements of different art forms to produce many inspiring art pieces. After finishing his studies in commercial design and mime in Hong Kong, he worked as a creative director in an advertising agency. He also worked as a theatre director and actively participated in film industry.

In 1996, Lam established “dd duck” Theatre Company and has been leading the company as the Artistic Director. In 2002, he was appointed as the Creative Director of “Rainbowland” Theatre Company. In 2008, Lam was invited by the “GlassStudio.HK” to be an Artist – in – Residence. At the same year, Lam was also invited as the Creative Director in Hong Kong Mime Festival. In 2012, Lam was invited by the Hong Kong new arts group “Wowohho Space” to be an Artistic Director.

Lam directed numerous productions, his theatre works are experimental, containing literary, theological and humanistic components. By bringing essences of film to the stage, Lam’s theatre work often gives people an unconventional impression. In the hope of providing more opportunities for young working adults to upgrade their design and arts skills, Lam started teaching in varying aspects, including Design, Art Direction, Film Production, Theatre Production, Directing, Acting, Mime, Masks, Face Painting and Clown skills. These courses were held in different private organizations, public associations (Leisure and Cultural Services Department and Hong Kong Culture Centre), primary and secondary schools. He also was a visiting guest sharing Art Direction in the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and a Part-time Lecture in the HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education. With his professional and sophisticated experience in film industry and theatre, Lam’s teaching provided new inspiration for his students.

Theatre and Education Experience


The Journey to The Seventh Sealas the Playwright, Director and Art director, was presented by “Shu Ning Presentation Unit” Theatre Company.

Jesus 13Apostlesas the Image Designer, was presented by “Shu Ning Presentation Unit” Theatre Company.

The Year of Clowns as the Image Designer, was presented by “Shu Ning Presentation Unit” Theatre Company.

Happy Class C – To Night Clubas the Artistic Director, was presented by “dd duck” Theatre Company.

The PhotoCopy Club(UK) Arts Exchange Exhibition (HK Tour)as the Artistic Director, was presented by Wowohho Space.

The Strange Stae of the World Witnessed Over 20 Yearsas the performer and the Creative Director, was presented by “GlassStudio.HK” and Hong Kong Mime Festival.

Peer Gyntas Performing Instructor, was presented by Pandora.

Missing Piecesas Performing Instructor, was presented by Utopia.

Being Actress ~ The Acting Coursesas Director and Drama Tutor, was presented by  “dd duck” Theatre Company.

Outside Worldas Playwright and Director, was presented by The Salvation Army.

6 Lettersas the Performing Instructor.

Six Characters Finding their Rolesas Playwright, Director and Drama Tutor, was presented by Yew Chung International School.


“Workshop Realization” The Sex–Installation Arts Exhibition, “Hong Hong Arts Centre”Invisible City- Interactive Photos Exhibition, “Hong Kong Fringe Festival”Blue Is Blue – Arts Exhibition, “Hong Kong Arts Festival”Arts Festival Program Photographic Exhibition,”Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre”The Art@SKMFE Exhibitions–Glittering in the FactoryandThe Art@SKMFE Exhibitions–Furnishing the Space,as one of the Participating Artists

End / Up 2012-2013 Prologue of the Exhibition,as the Curator and Participating Artist

Cinematic Experience  

2003Darkness Brideas a story creator, an associate producer and a production designer which was produced by Peggy Chiao / directed by William Kwok Wai Lun (Forum – The 54th Berlin International Film Festival 2004 and A Window On Asian Cinema – The 8thPusan International Film festival 2003).

2004Jiang Hu, produced by Eric Tsang Chi Wai / directed by Wong Ching Po. (In 2005, he got The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Art Direction Nomination)

2005The Third Eyeas the Production Designer, produced by Andrew Lau Wai Keung / directed by Carol Lai Miu Suet (The 30th Hong Kong International Film Festival 2006).

2006A Fayeas the Art Director, produced by Andrew Lau Wai Keung / directed by Yip Wai Man.

2007Night Trainas the Production Designer, produced by Chow Keung / directed by Diao Yinan (Un Certain Regard of Nomination – The 60th Cannes Film Festival 2007).

2007Naraka 19as the Art Director, produced by Catherine Hun / directed by Carol Lai Miu Suet.

2008Perfect Lifeas the Associate Producer and Production Designer, produced by Chow Keung / directed by Emily Tang (Dragons and Tigers Award for Young Cinema – The 27th Annual Vancouver International Film Festival 2008 & New Horizons of Nomination – The 65th Annual Venice International Film Festival 2008).

2008《Hair – Chivas Anniversary Short Film》as the Art Director, produced and directed by Stephen Fung Tak Lun.

2008《Neutrogena Mini Drama – 8 episode》as the Art Director, produced and directed by Stephen Fung Tak Lun.

2008《Elanne Kong Music Video – Willfulness》as the Art Director , directed by Vincent Tsui.

2008《Eason Chan Yik Shun Music Video – Rewind Life》as the Art Director, directed by Stephen Fung Tak Lun.

2008《Miriam Yneug Chin Wah Music Video – Loved》as the Art Director, directed by Carol Lai Miu Suet.

2009《Ji Ji Gao – Herbal Tea TVC》as the Producer & Art Director.

2009《Chuan Chiong – Traditional Chinese Medicine TVC Series》as the Associate Director & Art Director.

2009《Madame Pearl’s – Medicine TVC Series》as the Art Director.

2009《Arctica – Down Coat TVC》as the Director.

2010The Way We Wereas the Producer & Production Designer.

2012The Crossas the Associate Producer.

2013Palpitationas the Producer & Production Designer.


2005Jiang Hu, The 24th Hong Kong Film Awards for Best Art Direction Nomination

2016《Bullied FishRotary Drama Competition for The Excellent Script