Single-class Tickets for dance courses

The expiry date of Single-class Tickets have been extended to 31 Dec 2021.

In order to encourage everyone to explore different dance forms, we are offering trial lessons on a single-class basis. Booklets of 5 single-class tickets are available at our EXCEL office. These tickets entitle you to attend any dance courses with the sign  on a trial basis. One ticket for one class, unless otherwise specified.

How to use
Choose the dance courses with this sign . Call our office at 2584 8721 to check course availability before 5 pm on the lesson day. You are required to present the ticket to EXCEL office at least 15 minutes before the class begins. After that, please bring the stamped ticket to the tutor for taking the class.


Terms and Condition for Single Class:
1. Single-class tickets are sold in books of 5 tickets at $1,000 per book.
2. Single-class tickets are sold at the EXCEL office at the Lobby of HKAPA.
3. Please pay by cash or cheque and obtain a receipt.
4. Single-class tickets can only be used within the same calendar year (1 Jan 2020 – 31 Dec 2020), and for courses with this sign (  ) .
5. One ticket entitles to one class, unless otherwise specified.
6. There will be no refund for any unused single-class tickets.
7. Participants cannot apply for statement of attendance for classes attended with single-class tickets.
8. Participants must give a single-class ticket to the tutor before the class starts.
9. No discount will be offered.