Wheel LO Shui-lun

Wheel graduated from the Academy with Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons), majoring in Theatre Lighting Design. He was awarded the Scholarship by Society of Academy for Performing Arts for two consecutive years. Since 2006, Wheel worked as Chief Lighting Designer for “Our Drama World” presented by Semantic Theatre. In 2004 to 2008 he worked as Lighting Designer for the Hong Kong Institute of Education Drama Society Annual Performances. He also worked as Lighting Tutor for the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2008, hosted by Education Bureau and Hong Kong Art School. Wheel also engaged as Assistant Tutor since 2005 for the HKAPA EXCEL stage management courses. Wheel was Lighting Designer for drama productions including PEEP, Beyond Therapy, and a pop concert Mimi Lo Concert 2012. In 2007, Wheel worked as Lighting Coordinator for the Glow in the Park Halloween Parade, Let it Snow Christmas Parade and the Chinese New Year function – Mickey’s House – in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Wheel had also worked with many different productions presented by famous theatrical companies, such as Phantom of the Opera by Music Nation, Princess Changping by Yam & Pak Charity Foundation, The Tempest by New Vision Arts Festival 2008, Secret of Resurrection and Caligula by Hong Kong Repertory, The Macao Chinese Orchestra invites Adam Cheng by 22nd Macao International Musical Festival, Animal Geographic and Homo Superus by 2ONSTAGE.